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About Marcy

Marcy Littlejohn is one of the most caring and sharing persons you will ever meet. She is the "Real Thing".

She often says, "Not only did Natural Cellular Defense save my life, but it changed my life forever...I am now saving other lives. My favorite thing to say is that evey dime I earn means someone is getting better"........"Once I knew what I had in my hands, I just had to share it."

The following article was written by Chuck (MD) a reporter who writes articles on successful direct sales people.

Marcy Littlejohn is a Triple Diamond in the Waiora business.  She is a Waiora and network marketing success story,  and lives in Nebraska with her husband and two children.

Marcy learned about the business Opportunity from John Haremza.  Her name was referred to him by one of her friends. She began by using the products. After using the products she decided to take advantage of the business opportunity. Since then, she's become one of the top distributors in the company.

Marcy built her Business by sharing the products and business opportunity with friends, family members and acquaintances. She conducted in-home meetings, one-on-one presentations and conference calls with her downline. She's achieved tremendous success in Waiora, because she has helped lots of others achieve success. Marcy is a true credit to our industry. If you ever thought about joining Waiora, she would be a great sponsor.